The One More Rule

By Scott Campsall

So many workouts and other things requiring self discipline come down to the same desire…add one more.

At some point, you want to be able to push yourself to go a little further (one more step, or kilometre), lift a little heavier (one more kilogram), kick or punch a little harder or faster, do one more rep (like a push up or burpee), or attend one more class.

There are many ways to apply the ‘one more rule’, but the goal of each workout is improvement. First, you need to show up. Then you need to improve.

This thought process can be applied to anything, and it builds a mindset focused on improvement. The road to success is paved with consistency and progress. One more might not seem like much, but one more added over time is a big deal.

Just think of ‘one more’ on a task you don’t like.  For me, it’s doing accounting bookwork.  One more hour per week means 52 more hours in a year!  That’s more than enough time to get on top of things.

How about one more day going through Covid?  We all did it and we made it through almost 3 years of lockdowns, quarantines, and restrictions.

The key is to stay focused on a small increase, keep your head down, push through your limitations, and just add ‘one more’. Sometimes applying the ‘one more rule’ is all you need to go from mediocre, to great, to even more amazing than you already are!