New Year Momentum!

By Shihan Scott Campsall

Over the years, we have had several conversations with people telling us that they cannot get motivated to exercise or they provide a multitude of excuses as to why they cannot join a martial arts or fitness class. They’re too old. They’re too busy.  Or the most humorous one to me; that they’re out of shape. Do they realize that people actually start training so they can get into shape?!?

Truth is, they just need that final incentive to push past their fears (because that’s truly where their excuses come from) and go from thinking about training to doing it.  What happens when they realize that the journey isn’t easy though?

New Year’s resolutions are inspired by motivation. If you’re looking for something to move past that motivation though, then you’re going to need momentum. Motivation inspires, but it is just a spark. You need fuel to keep moving forward.

Momentum comes from having a routine. An object in motion wants to stay in motion, and an object at rest wants to stay at rest. What you need is to get moving, and create a few simple habits that, no matter what, you accomplish every single day.

For me, the first few hours of my day are completely automatic. I wake up, I turn on the coffee machine, and then we walk the dog. Then, I sit down and eat breakfast which includes a cup of that coffee I already made while answering emails and getting some work done. I make sure I finish by a certain time so I can head to the gym for a workout. There’s no thinking about what I’m going to do or if I’m going to walk the dog, or if I’m going to the gym.  It’s planned out.  My own classes when I train are in my schedule too.  I don’t contemplate whether I should go to class.  It’s part of my routine.  I have created momentum. 

That sense of accomplishment that comes from routine fuels me. If I don’t work out or go to class, I don’t see results and when I see results, the circle of momentum continues.  I want to see MORE results!

Martial arts and fitness classes can provide everything needed to be your New Year’s resolution solution.  If you want to stay motivated though, you’re going to need to stop thinking and start doing.  Get moving and create some New Year momentum!

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