Using Giri for Awareness

By Scott Campsall Giri (義理) is a Japanese value that translates as “duty”, or “obligation”. Emotions are put aside to fulfill obligations; usually to superiors. One of the most intensive ways to train in Japanese martial arts is by being an Uchi-deshi (内弟子, lit. “inside student”).  It is like an apprenticeship type of program that is usually paid […]

How Okami Kai Transforms Kids’ Lives

When it comes to raising confident, resilient, and well-rounded children, parents are constantly on the lookout for activities that go beyond the ordinary. Our mission transcends the realm of kicks and punches. We are committed to crafting unforgettable experiences for every child who enters our doors, and in the process, we are nurturing the potential […]

Are You a Martial Artist or a Stooge?

By Scott Campsall I’m relatively convinced that if a large group of people were surveyed as to why people started learning martial arts, the number one answer would be to learn how to defend themself.  This might be quickly followed up with ‘to get in better shape or to be physically active’. When someone wants […]

New Year Momentum!

By Shihan Scott Campsall Over the years, we have had several conversations with people telling us that they cannot get motivated to exercise or they provide a multitude of excuses as to why they cannot join a martial arts or fitness class. They’re too old. They’re too busy.  Or the most humorous one to me; […]

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